Our Vision

All people should have the right to equity and fairness.

Our Mission

To provide high quality social and legal advocacy to people in need.  We are committed to servicing regional, rural and remote communities as well as metropolitan communities and we focus on empowering clients to navigate the legal and social systems to achieve fair outcomes.

Our Values

  1. Courageous: we have the courage to do what’s right.
  2. Caring: we care about our people and the work we do.
  3. Creative: we use innovation, evidence and curiosity to continually strive to improve.
  4. Connected: we are better together

We have the courage to:

  • give our clients a voice by advocating for positive change.
  • speak out against injustice.
  • persist in the face of challenges.

We care:

  • about approaching our work with kindness and understanding, recognising the challenges faced by our clients.  
  • about listening openly and compassionately, respecting and valuing everyone’s unique story. 
  • about being approachable.
  • about making purposeful and considered decisions, informed by solid evidence about creating a safe and productive work environment.

We are creative and:

  • believe in using diverse approaches to promote awareness and understanding.  
  • committed to solutions based on evidence which influences decision makers.  
  • prioritise continuous learning and development to ensure highly skilled and capable professionals will deliver excellence for our clients and community. 

We believe in being connected and:

  • building strong relationships with partners and stakeholders to work towards a more diverse, inclusive and equitable society listening deeply to the communities we work with and for.