Our Vision

All people with disability experiencing disadvantage have a right to equality, fairness, and a good quality of life. 

Our Mission

ALA provides high quality social/legal advocacy and support to people in need across NSW, with a commitment to servicing regional and remote communities. Our focus is to empower clients to navigate the legal and social systems and achieve fair outcomes in the pursuit of their goals.

Our Values

Trustworthy – we are committed to an independent, professional and ethical approach in all our dealings with clients and stakeholders.

Persistent – we are committed to strong advocacy and support for those in need, and recognise this involves persistence when navigating the system.

Empathic – we acknowledge that people experience difficult times in their lives, and recognise support can have a positive impact.

Innovative – we believe in continually striving to improve.

Our Strategic Goals: 

  1. Deliver consistently high standards of client service.
  2. Strengthen workplace culture and ensure a safe and culturally diverse workplace.
  3. Capitalise on funding opportunities to better meet client needs.
  4. Continue to strengthen collaboration between internal service arms.
  5. Enhance our leadership and management capabilities.
  6. Utilise our influence as a lead agency to inform government priorities on disability and legal advocacy.